Race is Random
Last night I had a dream where I went to yours&sara weeding, but your house got robes during the weeding your house got robed and me,you, paleo&Bvids had to go to steal it back So ya, I had a dream about famous people who I have never meet. Does that make me a huge fan or a huge creep? Lol

It sounds like it makes you a comrade.  Anyone that would help me steal my stuff back…I’m getting emotional just thinking about it…

Hey Race, I just wanted to ask... what program do you use to edit your videos? Thanks. I have a great time watching your Con videos, it's like being there (and that's something impossible for me, because I live in Chile).

Thanks for watching!  I use Sony Vegas Pro.

I notice that the cons you go to yearly seem to always be BronyCon and Fiesta Equestria. You still going to those next year?

If everything works out, I don’t see why not!

Hey, Race. Just pulled off an all-nighter watching your bronycon vlogs. This year I live in Baltimore, so I was practically next to it! But sadly, i had to be a counselor at a camp, so I missed it :(. But, your vlogs made me feel like I was there. I'd like to thank you for doing that kind of stuff. <3

Awesome to hear!  The vlogs are fun to film and a great source to look back at some amazing memories.  The fact that viewers enjoy it as well is that much more of a bonus!  Happy to do it ;-)

So I heard you’re going to Brony Con next year. How would you feel if I came up to you and sensually serenaded you with some smooth saxophone?

I am going to be making a sims about you and like 7 other bronies from the bronies react series Just wanted to let you know

This can only end well.

I took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge the other day…I got my revenge on Sara TODAY!

Did Saber keep the dress?

He gave it away during the Bronies React panel.  Shame, it looked rather flattering on him.

Are you and any other of the west coast bronies coming to Comikaze, since Tara and Andrea will be there

As of right now, no plans to.  That’s the weekend of the last Night of Destruction so I’ll be pretty busy. :P

The FINAL HAWAII VLOG.  After over a year and a half, this vlog draws its conclusion.  Thanks for watching!