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I almost bought this for $5 at the dollar store


Why was something $5 at the dollar store??

Hey do you like playing racing games like Daytona U.S.A, Burnout, NASCAR, Need for Speed? I assume since you race in real life it might be a little funny but I'm curious.

Yep!  Played all the NASCAR games on Playstation consoles, NR2k3 on PC, plenty of racing games including the Burnout series, Need for Speed, and Test Drive.  My all time favorite game was on the PS2 called Eve of Destruction.  Best Demolition racing game I’ve ever played!

Have you seen Dragon 2 and any recent episodes of WOY yet?

I……………..IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII……I haven’t seen it yet *looks away ashamed*

I HAVE to…loved the first movie but never got the chance to catch it in theaters.  Will definitely pick up the DVD.

Also…WOY, yes haha!  These episodes continue to stay great.  Sara got me into this series, and it’s just so much fun to watch :P

What are your thoughts on bronies that live in Asia? I'm talking bout regions like India, china all that jazz.

I think it’s yes.

Is this BlackGryph0n?

Is this BlackGryph0n?



Probably not a wall question. But. You race so I figure I would ask. How well is the vision ratio when you guys race. I only ask because of what happened at the Tony Stewart incident.... please don't be offended

This was asked a bit ago, answering now.  Not offended, and I think it’s wall-worthy.

For starters, for those that don’t know, just a few weeks ago, a Nascar Cup driver, Tony Stewart, was racing at a local dirt track race on a Saturday night.  He had contact with another racer [Ward] and the other driver spun and slammed into the wall.  In a rage, Ward climbed out and appeared to run into the racing groove during the caution [all cars under a slow pace].  He quickly backed off a bit, but still was acknowledging Tony angrily.  Tony’s car then made contact with Ward, killing him instantly.

Investigation just ended on this incident two days ago.  The visibility in race cars are not great.  The stuff I race on The Low Budgets has FAR more visibility than the sprint cars being raced in this case.  Without speaking on who was at fault, who should be blamed, or what MAYBE happened, what I’ll focus on is that visibility is not great.

In high speed racing machines, drivers are limited in where they can look with all of the safety features.  Really your entire view is forward due to the head and neck restraints.  The other factor  in this was the lighting, many smaller tracks don’t have the greatest of lighting and Ward was in a black suit to potentially worsen the situation.

It was a sad deal, Stewart sat out multiple races on the cup side both to emotionally recover and be respectful towards the situation.  Just one of those incidents that never should have happened…

I you please marry me husbando

I drew you some fan art. Unfortunately, I only had the one piece of paper, so I had to tear off the other half to give it to Jaxblade.(This joke is over a year old ‘cause I’m totally not funny.)

I drew you some fan art. Unfortunately, I only had the one piece of paper, so I had to tear off the other half to give it to Jaxblade.

(This joke is over a year old ‘cause I’m totally not funny.)


Hey I didn't know had a Tumblr that's awesome!Anyways I wanted to ask you at Fiesta Equestria(the guy in the red derpy shirt with the Akatsuki Jacket)(if that wasn't a good description check your video of FE day 1 part two after the 9 horse head guys show up am i'm the guy in the red T-shirt) if you could possibly make a little bit of room for a reaction from me, when the new Equestria Girls movie comes out? And another question is are you and saber going to nightmare nights this year?

As of right now, there are not plans for us to make it to Nightmare Nights.  Thanks for watching!