Race is Random

For anyone who missed last night’s update! Bronies React, TLB, and more!


A few weeks ago, someone swiped my camera and equipment.  It amounted to approximately $1000, gone.  This leaves me with no camera at home and makes filming anything quite difficult.  This was the same stuff I use to make Bronies React and Convention VLOGS. I set up a donate link for anyone that would like to help!  Thanks in advance!


I took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge the other day…I got my revenge on Sara TODAY!

The FINAL HAWAII VLOG.  After over a year and a half, this vlog draws its conclusion.  Thanks for watching!

It was only a matter of time…

Second to last upload of the HAWAII VLOG: The Cruise Ship Talent Show…

(or  “Race pelts innocent strangers with balloons”)

HASBRO vs. Bronies

Straw Condoms


The SEASON FINALE for The Low Budgets is here! Watch as Low Budget TV’s Race  and Tommy take each other and multiple competitors on in their first demolition derby together! PLUS a highlight reel of the entire season of carnage!!