Race is Random

THE LOW BUDGETS Ep. 33 “Working on Working Work”

Just look out how f****d up I made this front end lmao

The Low Budgets Ep. 32: “Introducing Night of Destruction”

A glorious moment in history.

Deleted scene from one of my Vlogs

Hawaii 12: “Are you drunk?”

I laughed at this because…Gangnam Style.  I was like “uhh…oh yeah this was early 2013”

I couldn’t not.

Hawaii 11: The Luau (aka me dancing in a coconut bra and grass skirt)

Hawaii 10: BEST. LAUGH. EVER.

A lot of you know I’m a massive race fan.  Every year I put together a video celebrating the dawn of a new season.  Here is the celebration of 2014!

If I vlogged about a possessed toilet, would it be called the Blair Shit Project?

Newest episode of TLB…By far the MOST destruction yet!